The golden waves of Aquarius, the water bearer meet the cosmic dual swirls of Cancer in this eye catching, modern pendant.  This astrological mix unites cardinal water with fixed air in an uncommon match.  You admire and respect each other, you are drawn together as you are mutually intrigued by your diverse personalities.  The Aquarian can understand the crab at a deep psychological level and your insights and advice can be very helpful to the Cancer who may be too emotional to see the truth as you are able to see it so clearly.  The Cancer is a wonderful coach and guide to the Aquarian and can encourage the water bearer to employ better health habits and to be more organized.  You care a lot about each other and will encourage self-improvement and self-empowerment in each other by facilitating greater self-knowledge. Because you are so different you can see each other more clearly and that leads to great appreciation and perspective.


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