The golden waves of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, meets the dual columns of Gemini making this star sign pendant attractive and eye catching.  This golden necklace brings together two very compatible air signs. This is one of the golden astrological combinations for Gemini. You will stimulate and excite each other and being together is natural and comfortable.  You click from the get-go and if you are lovers you will soon realize that this is going somewhere. The Aquarian is highly idealistic, and the Gemini enjoys the ideas, knowledge and attitude of the Aquarian who is outspoken and often eccentric.  They can talk all day and all night and they both thrive off the exchange of ideas. The Aquarian loves the way the Gemini knows a bit about everything and they both feel able to speak their minds in this relationship – not much gets held back. You admire each other and this can be a very creative partnership when you work together. 


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