The golden waves of the ocean meet the cosmic arrow as the symbols of Sagittarius and Aquarius combine in this stunning gold pendant, designed to symbolize the love between these two compatible signs. Two positive signs, one fixed and air and one mutable and fire. The fixed element indicates that you will both work at this cosmic match and the fire brings excitement and the air movement. It has all the elements of a terrific trip to Istanbul or maybe Nepal, as you are both intellectual adventure seekers who love to be stimulated by what is off the beaten track and a little out there. You guys may have many friends in common and you probably gravitate to the same sort of people, meaning that the social aspects of your life gel.

You guys can talk all day and all night and you both thrive off the exchange of ideas; the Aquarius loves the way the Sagittarius knows a bit about everything and you both feel able to speak your minds in this relationship – not much gets held back. Both these signs need to be themselves and you are never judgmental about each other which promotes mutual self-esteem and strong bonds of love.  This makes for a lively partnership full of cheer and surprises; you both like the fact that you embrace changes and are never quite sure what is next on the agenda.


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