This gold pendant brings together the Ram’s horns of Aries with the Goat’s horns of Capricorn in a fascinating piece of jewelry for a highly motivated and ambitious zodiac match.  The Capricorn drives Aries on and makes the Ram up their game. Aries can help Capricorn be more spontaneous and to embrace the inner child.  Capricorn encourages Aries to develop grit and determination. As a couple, you have success in career and family life and seem to have the knack of juggling both.  You make excellent parents and as you both tend to be traditional and a little conservative, you find it easy to agree. As friends or family you encourage and support each other. Together you are a force to be reckoned with and you make a formidable team. There is no shortage of mutual respect even if you do sometimes boss each other around. This match has a five star gold rating.


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