This golden pendent features the elegant symbol for Aries, which graphically represents the horns of their symbol, the ram. When Aries come together in love, family or friendship with another Aries, sparks fly. There is passion, enthusiasm and a zest for life, you both love life and are always looking for adventure. You will never get bored as you challenge each other and while tempers can flare, you are quick to forgive and forget so you can get on with the important matter of living life.  You both have faith in the magic of the universe and are captivated by the great mystery of life and what your destiny has in store.

How to Spot an Aries

To love an Aries means to sign up for a lifetime of adventure!

When an Aries walks in the room or into your life, you are guaranteed a whirlwind love story and VIP entrance to all the best parties. After all, Aries has star quality. The Aries lover, partner, friend or child is exuberant, yet determined in everything he or she does. To be Aries means to be the best, accepting second or third place is not an option. When it comes to love, chances are your Aries had his or her eye on you the whole time. Casanova represents the Aries personality in hot pursuit of love, claiming the title of the “World’s Greatest Lover.”

“It is only necessary to have courage, for strength without self-confidence is useless.” Giacomo Casanova.

The Aries Woman

Aries knows how to climb mountains and when it comes to love, there “Ain’t no mountain high enough” that would stop a ram from conquering hearts, but fellas if your lady is a ram she will expect you to match her ambition. If she can climb mountains, she will expect you to take her to the moon. Understanding what makes her tick is crucial to keeping the flame alive and making your Aries happy. A gorgeous pendant would be a great starting place.

Top Tip: Aries likes jewelry, but personalized jewelry has a special place in their heart. Knowing that someone is thinking of them makes them feel as giddy as a child trying to sleep the night before Christmas. Eternally romantic, forever optimistic, they are a sucker for keepsakes, mementos and surprises.




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