Here we have a stunning pendant which combines the breasts of Cancer with the goat’s horns of Capricorn.  This is a very fortunate and happy astrological match up, in cosmic terms it is solid gold.  The steadfast and reliable Capricorn is the perfect partner for the sensitive and emotional Cancer.  The Cancer brings Capricorn the warmth and appreciation the goat craves and the crab trusts and loves the earthy and sensual goat.  This is a combination that is loving and tender.  You work together very well as a team and you make good decisions as you bring together intuition and pragmatism.  Together you balance each other out and this creates a harmonious yet dynamic pairing who will be successful in business and in family life.  You are loyal and fiercely protective of each other and you are able to bring out what is hidden or underdeveloped in each other.


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