This pendent incorporates the arrow of Sagittarius and the breasts, which symbolize Cancer in an elegant golden piece of jewelry.  This cosmic match is a slow cooker meal not a microwave dinner. It can develop into something quite tasty, but the cardinal Cancer may not have the staying power and the fiery Sagittarius may not have the concentration. The ideal situation for this to develop into platonic or romantic love is via a close working or family relationship, where you have ample time to learn about each other without the pressure of actually being in a relationship. You both have high aspirations – this is an ambition zodiac pairing and so I can see lovely holidays, although the Sagittarius may prefer Ayer’s Rocks, a camping or driving holiday and Cancer  prefers weekends in New England or trips to Paris. Both of you want growth in terms of the relationship– Sagittarius always wants to be happy and looking for the next big thing. And yet Cancer sees value in savoring the moment and making the little things count.


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