This beautiful gold pendant brings together the swirly dual comets of Cancer and the sting in the tail, which of course is synonymous with Scorpio.  Here we have two deeply emotional water signs who are drawn to each other’s intense and passionate natures.  These signs are in tune and have a psychic understanding. You may not need to use words as you intuit the moods and the angst of each other.  The Scorpio brings a clarity of mind and a resolve to the Cancer.  The Cancer helps the Scorpio to be optimistic and more philosophical about life.  Cancer encourages Scorpio to see the big picture and to widen their horizons and see the enormity of life’s potential.  Scorpio fosters and encourages the Cancer’s creativity and bolsters the self-confidence of the crab.  Astrologically this is a 24 karat gold mix. Children and extensive travel are favored with this cosmic pair.


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