The earth mother and the crab are brought together in this pendant with its superbly crafted gold. While the symbol for Taurus depicts the bull’s horns, the symbol for Cancer depicts the breasts. This is a very nurturing and protective astrological combination where deep levels of trust and respect develop. This pair are drawn to each other, there is a fascination and also a belief that they can offer each other protection. The Taurus brings the moody Cancer a sense of stability and much needed certainly and the Cancer can help the Taurus to be less passive. This is a highly fruitful relationship, perfect for business and raising a family. Both Taurus and Cancer are money signs and this piece of gold jewelry is a perfect symbol for the riches that await if they put their minds to it. They may also be rich in terms of love as this pair are not only affectionate and tactile, but deeply loving. You must never play roulette with each other’s feelings.


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