This gorgeous pendant brings together the two swirling comets of Cancer and the ‘M’ with the crossed legs which symbolizes Virgo.  This golden piece of jewelry represents two highly conscientious, caring and kind signs.  You may both be united in your love of children and animals and you both gravitate to causes involving these.  You are both action signs, who believe in words not deeds and who demonstrate your love in practical ways.  While the Cancer often recoils at the Virgo criticism, you tend to understand where the Virgo is coming from as your communication is excellent. Your two star signs get each other on a mental level and can talk about anything and everything.  The Virgo will meet many interesting new people via the Cancer, who can help Virgo to network and be more socially confident. Together you will fulfill many dreams and have a life which is filled with variety and quality interaction with your many supportive and vibrant friends.


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