This pendant brings together, in perfectly crafted gold, the symbols of Gemini and Capricorn. The horns of the goat bond with the Roman numeral two and this gives an exciting combination emotionally and aesthetically. This can be a frustrating astrological combination for two people, as you are so different. And yet it is also fascinating as you can help introduce each other to different worlds and different perspectives.  The Gemini has a light and bouncy approach to new love and relationships, while the Capricorn enters all matters of the heart with care and deliberation.  Gemini bring light hearted banter, fun and a sense of enjoyment to the relationship – the Twins can help expose the Capricorn to a wider social circle and can increase the confidence of the Goat, helping Capricorn to let his/her hair down.  The Capricorn makes the Gemini feel valued, respected and secure and that can be a very good feeling for Gemini.  While Capricorn may not understand the Gemini, they both have a sensitive side which they keep hidden and they respect that about each other.  They have mutual respect for each other’s feelings.


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