This gold pendant unites Leo, with the curly tail and Capricorn, with the curved goat’s horns.  These are two masculine astrological energies, you are both driven, determined, willful and bossy at times. You both have a huge desire to lead and succeed and while you may vie for control in this relationship, you are both very different and so it is easy to divide up the duties or goals and get working concurrently.  Capricorn does wonders for the work ethic of Leo, and can encourage focus, dedication and the honing of the Leo’s creative potential.  The Leo helps Capricorn to develop resilience and to embrace important changes with less fear.  Leo is great for Capricorn as Leo understands the goat on a psychological level and can help the Capricorn to look inwards and be more self-aware and insightful.  Capricorn can help Leo improve their health by being more disciplined. This connection indicates exciting sexual and intimate contact for couples or a powerful attraction for friends and family.  Together you can overcome many big problems and obstacles, the stars are the limit!


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