Here we have two Zodiac neighbours! We have earthy, cardinal, negative Capricorn with fiery, mutable, positive Sagittarius and I think they are like peanut butter and jelly i.e. works like a treat for millions!  The necklace unites the arrow and the goat’s curvy horns, the astrological symbols for these zodiac signs. This is not a classic match, in fact it would fall under the less likely combinations slated for success in love and yet in the real world it is more common than you think. It can actually work although it does have some challenges.

The key to this combination is their rulers – Jupiter and Saturn! When these two come together we have wealth, structure, order, growth and prosperity. Sounds good to me. Capricorn is just what the Sagittarian’ excess needs and Sagittarius has just the right medicine for Capricorn’s more ridged and cautious side.  These are both wise signs and yet they do interpret events in a different way. As they get older, they tend to agree on more and more. If lovers, sex life between these two can be an intoxicating mix of emotion and mystery – Capricorn has a way of drawing out the romantic in Sagittarius and Sagittarius adds that vital dose of magic.


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