The horns of The Bull meet the horns of The Goat in this golden pendant, the perfect gift for this earthy star sign match. This is a powerful combination who can achieve or endure anything, they are the diamond in terms of cosmic matches as they both have such endurance and determination.  This is an astrological combination of laughter and jokes – sometimes you are both cynical, but you can always find a way to joke about it. One thing you never joke about however, is money as you are both the bankers of the zodiac and are series about pounds and dollars. You work well together but tend to caution and conservatism. Your relationship may be more geared for stability than excitement and you like it that way. The Taurus can coax out the sexual beast in Capricorn and Capricorn always aims to please. At times this cosmic duo lock horns, but you never seem to stay angry for long as life is sweet and there is much to enjoy.


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