The swirling tail symbol of the Lion is brought together in this beautifully designed gold pendant with the symbol of Gemini, to signify the bond between these highly capable and compatible signs. These are two spontaneous, fun loving astrological signs who will hit it off fast, but who may tire each other out.   You both value fun and playfulness in love to a degree that is almost childlike – but love should make us feel young, should it not!  Leo is a fixed sign who needs certainly and loyalty. Gemini can excite Leo, but also confuse Leo as Gemini has a changeable dual nature. There is something irresistible about the Gemini which the Leo cannot stay away from for long. Both these signs are creative and energetic which makes for a cosmic pair, who love going places and embracing new things. The youthfulness inherent in this combination mean that your relationship will stay active, creative and fulfilling.


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