This charming piece of quality jewelry combines the symbols for Gemini and Libra. Gemini’s symbol is the Roman numeral two and Libra’s, the bridge. These are two air signs who are free thinkers, eager to make new friends and enjoy the wonderful possibilities of life. Libra’s drive and love of people and Gemini’s insatiable curiosity mean that as a pair there are few silences and very few dull moments. Socially you are both expansive and very expressive, you enjoy meeting a wide range of people and learning from them.  Intellectual challenge and stimulation is vital for you both and you will enjoy debating, analyzing and teaching one another new things. Libra as a cardinal sign, can help to motivate and direct the talents and abilities of Gemini and the Gemini can help to energize the Libra with injections of new information and their trademark effervescent humor. You both verbalize your problems you can debate and discuss without conflict as neither of you like confrontation.  As fashionistas you will both appreciate this beautiful pendant.


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