This golden pendant brings together the two fish of Pisces and the two columns of Gemini in a stylish piece of jewelry.  These are two mutable astrology signs and their needs are very different and while you can laugh together and lose yourselves in another world, dealing with the real world when it comes knocking can be a challenge. This is a very romantic combination and you can certainly enjoy the finer side of life as well as travelling together.  Both of you love books and a good story or movie can really fire your imagination.  Gemini will be the one who takes the lead in the relationship and Pisces will go with the flow. You both like to live and let live and make for a very likable sociable couple who will always have friends and family stopping by – your house is an open house. This is certainly a cosmic combination which fosters spiritual growth for both parties as they have so much to learn from each other. The complications and often sacrifices of being together can lead this pair to stumble upon unique experiences to be treasured.


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