This combination is gold dust! This necklace unites the symbol of Sagittarius, an arrow (shooting for the stars) and the Roman numeral two which is the symbol for Gemini. There are enough differences to make this interesting and enough common purpose to make it work.  You are both people with a zest for life, a love of change and a taste for adventure.  You will spur each other on, and life will be dynamic and never dull. Both of you need freedom and are very much driven by ideas and intellectual stimulation.  Sagittarius is a risk loving star sign who likes to fly by the seat of their pants, Gemini like to take Sagittarius up on any challenge and go one better – the problem is there is little restraint and structure and you both can be like runaway trains.  The Sagittarius idealism can be inspiring for Gemini and the Sagittarius may give the Gemini’s life more direction and more meaning. The Sagittarius spirit may help Gemini set long terms goals and work towards them.


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