This pendant unites the symbol of Gemini, the Roman numeral two representing the duality of this sign and that of Scorpio, with its legendary sting in the tail.  This golden piece of jewelry brings together two very different personalities – one deeply emotional and one elusive and fun loving. A tricky combination that traditional astrology will warn against, but which has some wonderful aspects which allow it to work. Somehow, we gravitate towards challenges and it is via these very challenges, often in the arena of relationships that we grow.  This may be an odd cosmic couple and yet you have so much to teach each other. Gemini is a highly curious sign and the mysterious Scorpio is a baffling enigma which Gemini want to get the measure of.  Scorpio love the carefree, devil may care attitude of the Gemini and being with a Gemini can open the Scorpio’s world and help the reclusive Scorpio to expand socially and shake off some of that reticence about meeting new people.  The Scorpion is also an inquisitive creature and the Gemini with his/her wit and wisdom on tap is very entertaining and beguiling to the Scorpio.  Gemini helps Scorpio to enjoy the lighter side of life and Scorpio helps The Twins to see the darker and often hidden side to situations.


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