The symbols for Gemini and Virgo are quite similar as they are both curious, mutable signs who can adapt to each other’s needs and who both place a high value on communication and intellectual awareness. This golden pendant brings together the Roman Numeral Two which is the symmetrical symbol of Gemini and the symbol of Virgo, an ‘M’ with its legs crossed, symbolizing the Virgin. Gemini and Virgo are ruled by planet Mercury, you guys are restless. You love variety and yet a Virgo needs to create routines and structure in their lives to give them security and they are highly specific about what they like and what they don’t like.  Virgo has the earthy, practical and grounded qualities and Gemini needs to anchor them and give them more focus.  The Gemini can help the Virgo to loosen up and smell the coffee and the Virgo can help the Gemini apply their valuable skills and mental agility in a more productive, focused way. This combination is quality, just like this piece of jewelry.


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