This pendant brings together two positive, loving and creative star signs, Leo and Libra.  The golden swirly tail of Leo bonds with the bridge, symbolic of Libra in a stunning necklace. This pair are friends and confidants who enjoy hours of conversation. You stimulate each other’s curiosity and will develop many interests, hopes and dreams together.  Leo encourages Libra to have self-belief and to follow dreams and be bold in chasing after rainbows.  The Libran helps Leo develop skills and hone ideas.  Together you are full of inspiration and nothing is impossible.  You will meet exciting new people and share many fascinating trips together to take part in social, political, festive and technological events.  You both crave novelty and bring out the innovative and original side of each other.  This relationship runs smoothly and there is little conflict.  The cosmic weather forecast for this astrological pair is sunny and warm, with a fresh breeze of ideas.


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