The curly tail of Leo unites with the two fish swimming in opposite directions of Pisces, in this stunning 14k gold pendant.  These are two sentimental, romantic and creative star signs who appreciate each other’s sensitivity and original character.  They enjoy music, moods, movies and anything theatrical together. Pisces can help Leo to let go and explore, Pisces awaken what is deeply buried and almost taboo within Leo. Pisces gets Leo to open up about previous experiences and can be the gateway to a new phase in Leo’s life. There is deep understanding to be gained and some awesome pillow talk to be exchanged with this pair. Leo will also revolutionize the Pisces’ attitude to health and fitness and so Leo could be the one to put 10 extra years on Pisces life. This relationship is common in the workplace and the shared experiences in the office help communication to develop. If this cosmic pair can get over the misunderstandings, you could reach Nirvana in terms of romance. If anyone can master the Leo temperament and learn to love it, it is Pisces.


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