This sensational star sign pendant depicts the golden arrow of Sagittarius and the swirling tail of the Lion.  This combination brings together two fire signs and yet while Sagittarius is mutable, Leo is fixed which adds stability and helps cement what is otherwise a combustible and exciting combination. Sagittarius gives Leo confidence and helps Leo develop many new skills which enhance life – Sagittarius may get Leo out onto the sports pitch more and may be instrumental in bringing out Leo’s competitive, winning side. This cosmic relationship can be lucky for Leo and being with a Sagittarius can mean many exciting changes in a Leo’s life. This relationship fires up the Sagittarius’ need for expansion, philosophy, intellectual awareness, travel and adventure. You are very good for each other’s spiritual development and together you will discover new aspects of yourselves and become more aware of who you are. There is a great deal of unspoken understanding with these star signs, as you are both on a similar wavelength and so no lengthy explanations are needed as you get each other intuitively.


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