This eye catching pendant brings together two dramatic and dynamic star signs, Scorpio and Leo, in beautiful 14 karat gold. The symbols of Scorpio, with the sting in the tail, and Leo, the lion’s curly tail are united. These are two fixed signs who are deeply loyal and, if lovers, can fall madly in love.  They are fiercely protective of each other and can be a little possessive as they crave each other’s attention.  These signs are strongly attracted and this combination is prevalent.  Scorpio feels positive and bold when with Leo and the Leo may be the catalyst for great career success, acclaim and achievement for Scorpio.  Scorpio provides Leo with reassurance and a firm base from which to thrive.  Together you are both strong and courageous and can be a formidable team who achieves great success together. You are both passionate and stubborn and so there will be fiery clashes and hurt feelings, but your bond is solid and you will always make up,  and come back with even stronger feelings for each other. An addictive cosmic cocktail!


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