This beautiful piece of jewelry brings together the swirling golden tail of Leo with the creative columns of Virgo.  Here we have mutable earth and fixed fire, two signs who are loyal, pragmatic and focused.  There is a great deal of respect and mutual appreciation with this cosmic pair.  You come at problems from different angles and yet you are both keen to cooperate and work through any issues.  Virgo enjoys the energy and passion of Leo, although Leo’s stubborn nature does confound the adaptable Virgo, who is a thinker, an analyst and avoids conflict. Leo may find that the truthful and critical Virgo may be a little blunt and abrupt, but the Leo always appreciates knowing where he/she stands.  This is a very productive astrological match, Virgo helps Leo be more thoughtful and conscientious and Leo helps Virgo to feel brave and invincible.


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