This astrology themed pendant brings together the bridge, representing Libra and its balanced uniting approach, and the arrow of Sagittarius depicting the way the Sagittarius aims for the stars. Both are positive signs; mutable Sagittarius fire is stoked by Cardinal Libra air. Cardinal and Fire are both extroverted and proactive, and mutable and air both show intellectualism and adaptability. This zodiac combo should get 4 gold stars as everything seems to be pointing in the right direction.  The big plus in this relationship is Venus! While all the air and fire create a lively and chatty relationship with many shared interests, it is Venus which is the sugar in the eggnog. Libra is ruled by Venus which brings affection, ease, comfort and a loving atmosphere to this relationship. Sagittarius appreciates the Libra’s taste, manners and style and loves the fact that Libras are such charmers and almost as popular they are.


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