This gold pendant has great symmetry representing the balance of Libra and the pragmatism of Taurus. The astrological symbol for Libra is the bridge and for Taurus it is the horns of The Bull on the circle of life, brought together here in gold. These Venus ruled signs get on like a house on fire, they both enjoy company and love to do things together. Taurus is however predisposed to see everything in black and white and Libra tends to be more impartial. Taurus can help Libra be more decisive and to have more grit when the going gets tough and Libra can help the passive bull to be more assertive and bolder in pursuing goals. Astrologically this pairing is like a cosmic chocolate cake as it is rich in terms of affection, warmth and love. There can be tricky moments as the Libra likes to be boss and the bull knows how to dig his heels in. Both however are people pleasers who will rarely go to bed on an angry note.


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