This beautifully designed gold pendant represents the bridge, symbolic of Libra and the four columns of Virgo.  Libra is an intellectual air sign and Virgo is ruled by Mercury and so when these two signs come together, there is an immediate mental connection.  Both of these signs have great manners and they appreciate the aesthetic value of things.  You are both socially skilled, but Virgo can benefit from the more forceful and diplomatic influence of Libra, while Virgo can help Libra to be more sincere and direct. You are both people-pleasers who enjoy doing things for each other and yet you are also very honest and able to rationalize your emotions and deal with problems in a sensible and mature way.  The Libra warmth and affection helps Virgo grow in confidence and self-esteem. And Virgo can help Libra to value what is mysterious, unseen and even spiritual.  This astrological match has a great deal in common, but enough variety to intrigue each other and make all your exchanges valuable and interesting.


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