In this pendant we have the two fish of Pisces and the arrow of Sagittarius in beautifully crafted gold and silver, a sunning piece of jewelry for your collection. Fire mutable meets water mutable in a combination that glows like the Aurora Borealis. This combination is one of the three top combos for Sagittarius.   These two zodiac signs come together in friendship, in work partnerships and in love and it is a successful and mutually fulfilling comic combo. Sagittarius loves the easy going nature of Pisces and the Pisces humor. Pisces laugh at the Sagittarius’ jokes and you both love to mimic. This couple laughs a lot; both have a good sense of humor. Sagittarius is very positive and can keep Pisces in a glass half full mood.  Sometimes you both get carried away and fuel each other’s wanderlust which can be destructive if it is not rooted in some sort of real world plan. You believe in each other and are inclined to look for the best in each other; this is a partnership low on suspicion and the corrosive effect of cynicism.


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