The symbol for Pisces, the two fish swimming away from each other, is combined with the symbol for Taurus in this elegant and timeless gold pendent. This cosmic match is 14 carat gold as the solid, earthy nature of Taurus is a perfect anchor for the mystical and adaptable Pisces. You are both kind and gentle signs who seek peace and harmony and yet you are both a little lazy at times and you certainly will enjoy movies, travel and music together. You inspire the arty and creative side in each other, and you enjoy social activities which are aimed at appreciation of the aesthetic side of life. Pisces help Taurus to relax and let their hair down; Pisces make it OK for The Bull to be free and follow inspiration. Taurus help Pisces to develop determination and to take their dreams off the drawing board and turn them into reality. Together, you are a glamorous pair who love city life and going out.  The stars will shine kindly on this match as your personalities are in tune and in sync with the universe.


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