This astrological combination is 14K gold- just like this stylish and stunning pendant. The symbols for Pisces and Virgo combine to represent this excellent cosmic combo. This combo works in practice and that is why you will encounter it often in the real world even though some astrologers still like to call it a ‘challenging combination’. The difficulties are just what makes it great, as they add grit and excitement. Being opposing astrological signs these two are natural foils and their personalities complement each other beautifully. There is a lot of give and take as you are both very different. Playing different roles in the relationship comes easily as neither want to encroach or step on the toes of the other. Virgo enjoys expressing love by being of practical help and fussing over their loved one. This appeals to Pisces who not being very practical, finds the Virgo to have it’s earthy feel for daily responsibilities very reassuring. There is magnetism between these two and enough mystery to make the relationship exciting and evolving. While Virgo and Pisces express love in different way, you are both sensitive, gentle and compassionate and have much to learn from this cosmic mix.


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