The union of Sagittarius and Scorpio is one of excitement and challenge, many new frontiers will be investigated.  This pendant unites the arrow, symbolic of Sagittarius and the Scorpio symbol with the sting in the tail, in beautifully crafted gold.  These two signs are neighbors and that makes for some quirky attraction and yet it can be a tricky combination to navigate.

These astrological signs have nothing in common in terms of element, modality or charge. Sagittarius helps Scorpio to feel good about themselves; by boosting self-esteem and creating security in identity. Sagittarius loves a chase and a challenge and Scorpio provide a unique challenge. The fact that Sagittarius never feels they have figured Scorpio out is key to keeping the interest up in this relationship – just when you think you finally understand each other, you blow each other’s socks off. Sagittarius are driven by a need for change and new pastures and Scorpio, ruled by Pluto also need change and so change, quite radical change, are part and parcel of this cosmic match.


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