The golden orb of Taurus with The Bull’s horns meets the arrow of Sagittarius in this stunning piece of jewelry, the ideal gift for your loved one.  Sagittarius and Taurus have little in common, one is fire mutable and the other is fixed earth, but they are like a peanut butter jelly sandwich where the contrasting flavors combine beautifully. The Sagittarius helps the Taurus look up into the night sky and ponder the universe, the Taurus teaches the Sagittarius the beauty in the blooming of a rose. Taurus can anchor the Sagittarius and help them to achieve their aims by being more practical. The Sagittarius teaches The Bull about philosophy and how to have faith and trust in the universe. Together they become better people, more aware of aspects of life they had not yet discovered. Taurus brings out the lover in the Archer and in turn the Bull becomes more adventurous. This zodiac match is a nature and animal loving pair.


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