The zodiac symbol with a stinger on its tail can only be the one and only, Scorpio! The symbol for Taurus is the horns of The Bull. Horns and stings, you can already tell this astrological star sign match will have some conflict and hurt feelings. However- the passion, loyalty, intensity and depth of feeling make it 100% worthwhile.  There is a magnetic attraction and this astrological combination cannot get enough of each other. They are both often guilty of control and jealously, but that may just be a measure of how much they care. This gorgeous gold pendant necklace is an interesting mix of lines and contours, just as this zodiac combination is an intriguing melting pot of conflict and cohesion. You fascinate and frustrate each other, but you would go to the ends of the earth for each other. A beautiful and exotic blend of personalities make Taurus and Scorpio quite an astrological combination.


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