Two earth zodiac signs come together: the bull or earth mother and The Virgin. Taurus’ astrological symbol is the gold circle of life with horns representing the bull, Virgo’s symbol is the “M” with its legs demurely crossed. This makes for a fascinating pendant design that unites two very different signs.  Virgo and Taurus star signs are similar in their need for purpose and ability to work diligently, but Taurus can be very set in their ways and Virgo love change. They are excellent communicators, and both look to avoid conflict and problem solve with rationale and reason. This star sign combination love to talk things out, they do have very different perspectives and while The Bull is often at the mercy of emotional desire, the Virgo is cool, calm and collected. This astrological combination will share romance, fun and probably also travel together. They inspire the adventurer and the artist in each other.


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