This gold pendant represents the symbol for Virgo, which is a little like an ‘M’ with its legs crossed, depicting the Virgin.  When Virgo and Virgo come together they will be quite engrossed in each other.  Virgo is the star sign associated with perfection, honesty, integrity and practical love.  You both believe that actions speak louder than words and you seek to demonstrate your love by showing care and concern in a pragmatic way. You are proactive people who love to talk through and solve problems.  Intellectually you are highly compatible and love to discuss the books you have read and films you have seen.  You may be two healthy eating fitness fanatics who encourage good habits in each other.  Virgo is one of the more introverted astrology signs and yet together you bring out the positive, outgoing and more assertive side of each other.  You both appreciate class and style and will love this pendant.


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