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The Journey Behind Zodiac Compatibility using the Big Five Personality Traits

25/09/2023 | Kennon Young

Unlocking Zodiac Compatibility: The Science Behind Zodiac Compatibility and the Big Five Personality Traits

Have you ever wondered why some zodiac signs seem to click effortlessly, while others face constant challenges in their relationships? The answer might lie in the science of personality traits, particularly the Big Five Personality Traits, and how they interact with astrological signs.

The Big Five Personality Traits

The Big Five Personality Traits, also known as the Five-Factor Model, provide a comprehensive framework for understanding human personality. These traits are:

  1. Openness: This trait measures a person's willingness to embrace new experiences and ideas. High scorers tend to be imaginative, adventurous, and open-minded, while low scorers often prefer routine and are more practical.

  2. Conscientiousness: Conscientiousness assesses one's reliability, organization, and orderliness. High scorers are organized, dependable, and disciplined, while low scorers are often spontaneous and flexible.

  3. Extraversion: Extraversion delves into a person's energy levels, social behavior, and positive emotions. High scorers are outgoing, assertive, and thrive in social settings, while introverts (low scorers) tend to be reserved and enjoy solitude.

  4. Agreeableness: This trait reflects one's warmth, kindness, and cooperativeness. Highly agreeable individuals are considerate, friendly, and empathetic, whereas those with low agreeableness can be competitive, critical, and less trusting.

  5. Neuroticism: Neuroticism, also referred to as emotional stability, measures one's susceptibility to emotional fluctuations. High scorers are prone to mood swings, anxiety, and are easily upset. In contrast, individuals low in neuroticism tend to maintain emotional stability, remain calm in stressful situations, and experience less frequent bouts of stress.

The Intersection of Zodiac Signs and Big Five Traits

So, how do these personality traits intersect with astrology, specifically zodiac signs? The key lies in understanding how each zodiac sign is associated with certain personality characteristics.

For instance, a Taurus is often seen as practical, stable, and sensuous. This aligns with traits like high conscientiousness, moderate agreeableness, and low extraversion. On the other hand, a Leo is known for confidence, leadership, and extraversion, reflecting high scores in extraversion and lower agreeableness.

Calculating Compatibility

To determine compatibility between two zodiac signs using the Big Five Personality Traits, we assess how well their associated traits align. Here's a simplified example:

Let's consider a Leo (high extraversion, low agreeableness) and a Libra (high extraversion, high agreeableness). Their high extraversion scores indicate compatibility in terms of social behavior. However, Leo's lower agreeableness may clash with Libra's higher agreeableness.

To calculate compatibility, we assign numerical values to these traits for each sign and compare them. A higher numerical alignment suggests better compatibility. Factors such as shared traits and their intensity play a significant role in this calculation.

The Total Compatibility Score

The total compatibility score is a simple numerical representation of how well two signs align based on the Big Five Personality Traits. It's a summation of the compatibility scores across all five traits. The higher the score, the more compatible the signs are perceived to be.

For example, if Leo and Libra score 70/100 in total compatibility, it suggests that their personality traits align reasonably well, with some differences that might require understanding and compromise.

In Conclusion

While astrology provides valuable insights into personality, the Big Five Personality Traits offer a scientific framework to assess compatibility between zodiac signs. The combination of these two systems enhances our understanding of why some signs may naturally harmonize, while others may need to work on their differences.

Remember, compatibility isn't just about signs; it's about individuals and their unique personalities. Using the Big Five Personality Traits alongside astrology can provide a more nuanced perspective on relationship dynamics, helping couples navigate challenges and celebrate their strengths.

So, the next time you're exploring zodiac compatibility, consider delving into the world of the Big Five Personality Traits to gain a deeper understanding of what makes your relationship unique.

This blog post explains how compatibility between zodiac signs is determined using the Big Five Personality Traits and provides insights into the total compatibility score. It bridges the gap between astrology and psychology, offering a more comprehensive view of relationships.


First Sign Second Sign Total Score URL
Aquarius Aquarius 82
Aquarius Aries 67
Aquarius Cancer 76
Aquarius Capricorn 75
Aquarius Gemini 82
Aquarius Leo 77
Aquarius Libra 82
Aquarius Pisces 75
Aquarius Sagittarius 82
Aquarius Scorpio 70
Aquarius Taurus 70
Aquarius Virgo 75
Aries Aries 78
Aries Cancer 82
Aries Capricorn 82
Aries Gemini 77
Aries Leo 88
Aries Libra 78
Aries Pisces 78
Aries Sagittarius 86
Aries Scorpio 70
Aries Taurus 70
Aries Virgo 62
Cancer Cancer 62
Cancer Capricorn 63
Cancer Gemini 70
Cancer Leo 68
Cancer Libra 64
Cancer Pisces 70
Cancer Sagittarius 58
Cancer Scorpio 65
Cancer Taurus 68
Cancer Virgo 60
Capricorn Capricorn 78
Capricorn Gemini 69
Capricorn Leo 55
Capricorn Libra 62
Capricorn Pisces 65
Capricorn Sagittarius 55
Capricorn Scorpio 60
Capricorn Taurus 65
Capricorn Virgo 70
Gemini Gemini 84
Gemini Leo 75
Gemini Libra 75
Gemini Pisces 70
Gemini Sagittarius 75
Gemini Scorpio 65
Gemini Taurus 65
Gemini Virgo 70
Leo Leo 66
Leo Libra 70
Leo Pisces 78
Leo Sagittarius 75
Leo Scorpio 63
Leo Taurus 67
Leo Virgo 65
Libra Libra 69
Libra Pisces 76
Libra Sagittarius 75
Libra Scorpio 70
Libra Taurus 78
Libra Virgo 70
Pisces Pisces 80
Pisces Sagittarius 68
Pisces Scorpio 65
Pisces Taurus 68
Pisces Virgo 68
Sagittarius Sagittarius 75
Sagittarius Scorpio 60
Sagittarius Taurus 61
Sagittarius Virgo 61
Scorpio Scorpio 80
Scorpio Taurus 62
Scorpio Virgo 59
Taurus Taurus 82
Taurus Virgo 61
Virgo Virgo 82

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