Our Story

STARLUST (Noun) - An ancient emotional obsession with one’s connection to their place in the universe and their connection to others.
Starlust jewelry was created in the Green Mountain State of Vermont, where stargazing is an old tradition among its residents. Alongside it’s many lakes, rivers and valleys, folks spend countless hours staring into the great vastness of the night sky. The emotional state of Starlust is being awestruck by the universe’s vastness and our humble little place in it. It’s these connections to the universe and the loved ones that we share it with that are at the core of what Starlust represents.

Starlust can be found with a new college student, who wants to remember the strength of their parents when out in the world for the first time. It can be found with bridesmaids, who are celebrating with their best friends and their newly wedded partner. Starlust can be found with two lovers that want to carry their bond close to them wherever they go.

Starlust jewelry is committed to its operation as an ally to the universe. Our manufacturing uses 100% recycled packaging, recycled and environmentally sustainable precious metals, and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. We are a family-owned fair-trade company and we aim to treat every employee and contractor like family. Our mission is to bring loved ones together using ancient symbols in gorgeous ethical jewelry.