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STARLUST (Noun) - An ancient emotional obsession with one’s connection to their place in the universe and their connection to others.
Starlust began with a single gift between a husband and wife - an Aries and Libra combination necklace. Kennon Young, a custom jewelry designer and ASA Master Gemologist Appraiser, handmade the necklace. His wife Gwen, immediately fell in love with the piece and the overall concept. So much so, that they decided to start an entirely new brand. Thus Starlust Jewelry was born. A true labor of love and a family-owned business, Starlust was founded with the mission to celebrate the universal connection between two loved ones by creating the highest quality, ethically sourced, astrology-inspired jewelry right here in the Green Mountain State of Vermont. Long-term partners, close family members, best friends, and even pet owners, have come to Startlust to find a gift for themselves and their loved ones, a symbol of their enduring love. Starlust manufacturing uses 100% recycled packaging, recycled and environmentally sustainable precious metals, and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. We are a fair-trade company and we aim to treat every employee and contractor like family. Ken had since slowed his 22 year strong custom jewelry design business to develop Starlust. Over the course of the last 3 years, Ken and Gwen have designed over 100 designs, complex molds, a custom manufacturing process and facility, custom boxes and packaging, and much, much more.