Fair Trade and Sustainability

Libra Necklace in Vermont Wildflowers

Our very name, Starlust, is about a love and respect for the natural world. We're spiritually committed to the preservation of the natural world through sustainable manufacturing and sourcing materials that have a low environmental cost. 

Precious Metals

Starlust uses recycled precious metals in every piece of jewelry. Our pendants consist of 100% recycled precious metals and our chains consist of at least 60% recycled precious metals.  


Energy Usage

Our manufacturing facility in Burlington, Vermont, USA is powered by solar energy. 



From the jewelry boxes to the shipping labels, every part of Starlust packaging is made of 100% recycled materials. 

 Starlust Boxes


We only use low-energy CVD laboratory grown diamonds in our jewelry. This guarantees that our diamonds are conflict-free and have a incredibly low environmental impact compared to earth mined stones.