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Aquarius and Cancer Necklace

The sterling silver, gold, or platinum waves of Aquarius, the water bearer, meet the cosmic dual swirls of Cancer in this eye-catching, modern Zodiac symbol combo couples necklace. This astrological star sign mix unites cardinal water with fixed air in an unusual combo. You admire and respect each other and are mutually intrigued and drawn together by your diverse personalities. The Aquarius can understand the crab at a deep, psychological level with insights and advice that can be helpful to the Cancer, who may be too emotional to see perspectives that the Aquarius can see so clearly. The Cancer is an excellent coach and guide to the Aquarius, encouraging the water bearer to employ better health habits and be more organized. This couple cares deeply about each other, encouraging self-improvement and self-empowerment by sharing their self-knowledge and perspectives. These star signs are so different that each person in this combo necklace can see the other more clearly, leading to a greater, combined appreciation and perspective.

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