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Aries and Scorpio Necklace

This pendant brings together the eye catching symbols of Scorpio, with the arrow depicting their legendary sting in the tail, and Aries, the horns of the Ram, in beautifully crafted gold.  The combination of symbols reflect a fusion of conflicting desires and strong impulse reactions that produce a furnace like heat which can transform each partner just as a furnace transforms gold. This in an intense combination that can become obsessive. You both appreciate the drive and passion in eachother and you are both strongly influenced by gut feel. You are very different in your approaches to life and yet you recognize within each other a fire and a desire that is magnetic. There is great mystery in this love match and that is where the magic is, the Aries cannot quite work the Scorpio out and the Scorpio love the fact that they know the Aries inside and out.  Sexually, a gold star rating.

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